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                         "Sometimes you gotta hear what daddy has to say."

DAD Speak is a docu-short inspired by the book On My Father's Side.  In it we hear compelling stories of fathers who were separated from their children, and how they fought to remain in their lives, against all odds. LaRita Shelby also shares her story of growing up without her dad, until one day he was the only man she needed, and she found him 40 years later.  DAD Speak features Evan Lionel, Ruffin Patterson, Mark Winkler, Rev. Jerrold Smith and Dr. Loren M. Hill.  It is dedicated to Calvin Thomas Shelby.


Written, Produced & Directed by LaRita Shelby

Executive Producer is Sandra Evers-Manly

Producer Eddie White

Presented by Films With A Purpose in partnership with Shall Be Productions.


Currently on the festival circuit.

For info:

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