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What I’m reading now- Oh those Gucci's!

A few days ago I thought: "I wonder what my life would be like now, had I realized a long time ago that I was a writer?" It's a funny thought because I've been writing all of my life, but never added it to my job description. It was more a matter of expressing myself creatively, spiritually and sometimes philosophically. Now that I am in this new season of life, my writing is both passion and profession. When I read books, I see movie scenes being played out. So I guess I have been bitten by the screenwriting bug. For a while now I have been reading The House of Gucci, a biography about the Gucci family by Sara Gay Forden. I interviewed her years ago, but never got time to read the book cover to cover. Once you dive into the notorious and unbridled ambition of Guccio, Aldo, Rudolpho, Maurizio and Patrizia Gucci, you'd bemused by a black turtle neck sweater with red lips but possibly less offended when you know the whole story of the dangerous and glitzy fashion world that birthed one of the most iconic brands of the 20th century. I do offer myself and have other references for consultants who understand cultural nuances.

I want to thank those who have added my books to your shelves, book clubs, Kindles and iPads. Thank you who have been with me from book one. What an adventure that was. Thank you to those Theater directors who looked past my typos (yes typos) and saw the relevance of the words and still supported that first book with live performances.

Oh and thank you to the writers in my family mama, Aunt Mary, Sue, Ritta, Dank and Rod.

On My Father's Side is my first novel and truly my life story. Hope that you will stick with me on this one and follow it all the way to the big screen and out into the world as a tool of healing and inspiration. What's your story? What are you reading? What are you writing? What are you waiting for? Welcome to my new site and new blog. I want to hear from you, especially if you've got or ever had a missing mom or dad.

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